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Random-Ass Interview: Christopher Slatsky

Favorite food?

Avocados and iced coffee specifically; Mexican and Thai in general.

Favorite dude?

Favorite as in most compelling would be Judge Holden in Blood Meridian.

Favorite radical attitude?

Trihydridocarbon and Ricardo Flores Magón.

Okay, I’ll stop being an idiot for a bit. How does it feel to have The Immeasurable Corpse of Nature Out?

There’s trepidation because I’m well aware my type of storytelling is appealing to a very limited readership, and I feel some concern over it being Grimscribe Press’ first collection—I don’t want to sully their good name with all that Padgett has done. I hope my book sets a positive precendent and attracts an audience.

What are you drawn to thematically, if you’ve noticed any themes you come back to?

The problem of consciousness, grief as a path to the transcendental, and the failure of non-mechanistic interpretations of the universe to convincingly describe the mysteries of existence.

Do you enjoy Halloween?

I enjoy the excitement the holiday incites in my kids.

Worst haircut?

I went through High school with long hair, like Rollins era Black Flag circa ‘83, then a buzz cut through most of my 20s. None were better or worse than any other.

Is Jon Padgett actually a puppet? Be honest, I don’t think he can hear us… I hope he can’t hear us…

I’ve never met Padgett, though we are all puppets in the sense we are vessels containing DNA punch cards that dictate how we act out our lives based on a biological predicate instigated when nucleic acids, proteins, and lipids began their complex interactions about 4 billion years ago.

Having said that, I’m 97.3% certain that Padgett is a wax, wood, and porcelain construct. The remaining 2.7% of uncertainty is over just who’s pulling the strings...

You seem like a film fan. What’s the last great movie you saw?

My first loves were filmmaking and comic book writing/illustrating. I majored in film before switching to anthropology and philosophy early on. The most recent memorable film I saw in the theater was Monos. And I watched The Burial of Kojo online a few days ago. Both are excellent.

Favorite curse word?


Favorite curse?

Benito Alazraki’s 1961 film, The Curse of the Doll People (or Muñecos infernales).

Thanks for partaking. Do you have any plugs?

Thank you for the invite. No, I think that’s it. I haven’t written much since 2017, so what’s included in this collection will likely wrap things up indefinitely.


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