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Random-Ass Interview: Kristi Demeester

Would you consider yourself southern gothic?

If by that you mean I live in an aging Victorian/farmhouse with mold growing on the walls, a bedridden grandmother who’s managed to survive three attempted poisonings and has a withered, blackened claw of a right hand we use to predict our futures, something that scratches beneath my bed at night and makes a small whining sound, and a humidity thick enough to choke the strongest person, then yes….absolutely yes. Favorite swear?

I like it when other people use cunt, but I have to really been marinating in my own anger to use it myself. Do you actually like peaches, or is that just something people assume people from Georgia automatically have to love?

I love them, but I have to peel the skins.

How does it feel being in a Datlow book?

Like an absolute dream. If you could ride any dinosaur, which one would it be?

Pterodactyl. Because flying. If you could be any kind of monster, what would you be?

Ghost. So I can haunt the shit out of people for my own amusement. Favorite time of year?

Fall. Favorite libation?

Um...all of it? Nah...Jameson and water. Favorite film?

Pan’s Labyrinth Favorite food?

Tacos Morning person or night person?

Morning all the way. I’m asleep before 10 most nights. Thanks for taking part. Any plugs?

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