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Random-Ass Interview: Leza Cantoral

Best ice cream flavor?

Sweet Cream

How’s your current WIP going?

It’s going. I am scared of finishing it but I’m gonna. I am very excited by the premise. It’s pretty fucked up. But it is also a love story. It’s a novella called Tragedy Town about an island where tragedy is the culture & religion & everyone has a tragic fate they must fulfil. I also just started my second poetry collection called Gloomalia. It’s like witchy bad girl poetry. I am writing it by channeling spirits & turning my brain off. It’s nice to let someone else do the work for once. The poetry is way more fun. More organic. Fiction is a pain in the ass. Poetry is like a hot fling. Fiction is like a marriage. More fulfilling but a lot more work & less exciting in the heat of the moment.

Favorite swear?


Favorite part of NYC?

Brooklyn, though I miss the East Village too.

Do you think cats understand english?

They understand any language depending what they get exposed to & some cats can talk. My cats say hello & it’s creepy asf.

How’s CLASH Books going?

It is exploding. I can’t even breathe lol. But it is so cool seeing it happen. Going from nothing to something & seeing the excitement. We are like the ultimate misfit press. I am so hyped for all the talent we are representing & all the books coming next year. 2020 is gonna be lit the fuck up.

Favorite cereal from childhood?

Cinnamon grins

What do you think the literary equivalent of trap music is?

I had to google that & I’m still not sure what it is. Like trippy techno? Idk maybe like boring indie books no one reads or stuff that’s fun to read when you’re high. I tried reading Infinite Jest while high. Wake & bake style. I read one paragraph each day. I still have not gotten very far or have any idea what’s going on but it’s kinda neat I guess.

Favorite booze?

Effen Black Cherry Vodka

Thanks for taking part. Any plugs?

We are gonna be at the Brooklyn Book Fair September the 22nd this month so if you are in NYC come by & see us in action. We are also doing a reading at SISTERS the Wednesday before, the 18th at 7 pm, which is gonna be insane. Besides that just check out & I do a podcast where I get drunk & talk to cool ass writers called Get Lit With Leza ( & iTunes). Recent guests were Josh Malerman, Kathe Koja, Lindsay Lerman & Megan J. Kaleita. The last two are writers we recently published & they’re both so funny & interesting & talented. And of course Josh Malerman & Kathe Koja are both so fascinating. It was so fun talking to them.

I’m on IG & Twitter @lezacantoral & CLASH is on FB, Twitter & IG as well @CLASHBooks


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