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Random-Ass Interview: Orrin Grey

Why are we here? I’m just kidding, what’s it like being a dapper skeleton into horror fiction?

I gotta say, most days it is pretty great. I get to write about monsters and movies and monster movies and every now and again someone even pays me for it.

Best type of peanut butter?

The kind that’s in a Reece’s peanut butter cup. Seriously, though, I tend to get whatever kind doesn’t have a bunch of sweeteners added into it, because I just put it on a sandwich with honey or something anyway.

Best movie with a skeleton? And or, top 3?

House on Haunted Hill, Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, The Living Skeleton

What do you associate neon with in terms of horror fiction, comics, or film?

I think I tend to associate neon with a certain subset of ‘80s horror, but also neon light reminds me of the flat light of giallo movies and the filmography of Mario Bava. Plus, the neon worms in Fritz Leiber’s “Little Old Miss MacBeth.”

How many stories have you written? Best estimate.

Written? No idea. Hundreds. Published? Around 65, so far.

Favorite swear?

I dunno about favorite, but I’m partial to things like “consarnit” and “dagnabit” and anything else a grizzled cartoon prospector would say.

Favorite bear?

I have this really ancient Dean Koontz book called Nightmare Journey and one of the protagonists in it is a psychic polar bear named Tedesco. So, probably him.

Favorite set of stairs?

The one from The Exorcist.

Best cheeseburger, or fake burger?

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to be really fond of Smashburger. Their burgers are pretty good, and so are their salads, and it helps that there’s one right near my house.

Favorite refrigerator magnet?

Newest book, fiction?

My latest book of short stories is Guignol & Other Sardonic Tales, which came out in 2018 from Word Horde. It’s probably also my darkest book to date, though that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still full of goofy shit and campy monsters. This is me, after all, and there’s one story in it where I pretty much spend the entire time describing an imaginary stop-motion movie called Frankenstein Against the Phantom Planet.

Newest book, nonfiction?

Speaking of campy monster movies, my newest nonfiction book actually just came out! Revenge of Monsters from the Vault, which took physical form on August 15 of 2019, is the follow-up to Monsters from the Vault (makes sense, right?) which is, in turn, a collection of the Vault of Secrets column on vintage horror film that I wrote for Innsmouth Free Press for five years or so.

Thanks for partaking? Any final plugs? Overall thoughts on writing, and life?

By the time this thing goes live, I’ll probably have already been to NecronomiCon Providence, which I’m really looking forward to and also super not prepared for!

I don’t think I’ve published a ton of new fiction lately, though my very weird story “Stygian Chambers” is in Pluto in Furs, which will be debuting at the con, I think, and I’ve been doing a lot of film writing lately for Signal Horizon and Unwinnable, which you can read there or find links to in the nonfiction bibliography of my website.


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